[cc-licenses] license draft usage scenario questions

Peter Brink peter.brink at brinkdata.se
Sun Oct 29 09:53:38 EST 2006

Jörg Zastrau skrev:
> - personal DRM usage
> This is what I actually misunderstood. I thought that the anti-DRM/TPM
> clause prohibits any use of such method for distribution (some debian
> page stated that copying the work using ssl encryption is not
> possible) . Most of my concerns are invalidated if DRM/TPM it is
> allowed for "private distribution".

To avoid any misunderstandings:
DRM/TPM encryption is allowed as long as it's for *private use*, you may 
not prevent others from using the work. Copying a work to a DRM 
protected platform is OK if you are the end user. "Private distribution" 
is a misleading description since it implies that it's ok to distribute 
such a DRM/TPM encrypted work to friends etc.

/Peter Brink

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