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Evan Prodromou evan at prodromou.name
Wed Oct 25 13:47:23 EDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-25-10 at 18:03 +0200, Bram @ Freesound wrote:

> I'm guessing there might be a legal difference between a sound recorded 
> by someone and a sound generated-and-recorded by someone.
> Some people consider their samples (or recordings) entire works of art 
> as such.

I think they'd be correct. By selecting an environmental sound to
sample, the sound maker has applied creativity and thought to the
process. The work is thus a protected expression.

I think there's a good analogy with a photograph. But, yes, this isn't
terribly cogent.

> 2. which -if any- of the CC licenses could or can be used for sound 
> samples and what are the differences -in both legalese and idiot-proof 
> wording- between using those particular licenses.

If I were you, I'd give contributors a choice of license to use. Since
Freesound is a collection rather than a single, cohesive work, it's not
really that important that every piece of the collection have the same
license. You can give some choices for different contributors' needs.

The four "core" licenses that don't include "NoDerivatives" are probably
all useful for different kinds of sound artists, with possibly also a
public domain dedication as the most liberal license. I agree that the
Sampling license is more useful for long pieces of music than for, well,

So, anyways, my suggestion is to give a choice of these five licenses:

      * Public Domain (any use whatsoever without restrictions)
      * Attribution (any use, but must give credit)
      * Attribution-ShareAlike (any use, must give credit, must make any
        other works free to others, too)
      * Attribution-NonCommercial (only non-commercial use, must give
      * Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (only non-commercial use,
        must give credit, must share derivative works with others)

I think the default should be public domain, at least for works less
than 10 seconds in length.

I'm not a lawyer, but there aren't a lot of them out there who know
squat about the CC licenses, so there you go.


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