[cc-licenses] choosing a new license at freesound, please help

rob at robmyers.org rob at robmyers.org
Wed Oct 25 12:02:33 EDT 2006

I am not a lawyer, I am not CC.

Quoting "Bram @ Freesound" <freesound at iua.upf.edu>:

> Now there is one big problem: none of the legal code in either
> sampling+, by or by-nc is particularly well suited for sound effects. A
> sound-effect is almost invariably used as a "whole work" in the derived
> work. Hence the definition of "derived work" is a bit strange when
> talking about "samples".

Including an entire sample as part of a larger work would make that 
larger work
a derivative in the case of a pices of music where the sound is mixed in. I
think. So BY would work fine for this case.

Sampling+ is not NC, so using an NC license would be a major change to the
project and would most likely reduce participation. I recommend using BY or
even a Public Domain dedication rather than making the project NC. PD has
worked very well for the Open Clip Art Library for example.

The only problem with BY might be that a song that uses several BY 
samples will
have to credit all the sample providers equally. This may be burdensome:

"Song by rob myers, drum sample 1 author, drum sample 2 author, drum sample 3
author, synth stab 1 author, synth stab 2 author, accordian street sample
author, echoing bouncing ball sample author, (etc)."

- Rob.

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