[cc-licenses] "mere aggregation"

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Fri Oct 20 11:46:46 EDT 2006

Mark Jarrell wrote:
>  I think fair use still applies to CC licenses--they are less
>  restrictive licenses, but CC material is just copyrighted material.
>  So I guess you could probably use the CC-By-SA picture like you would
>  any other picture.

Yeah, I thought of that, but I'm not reviewing the CC-By-SA work, and 
I'm copying it entirely, so that doesn't quite work (the ARR works I'm 
quoting are just tiny pieces of a much larger work, and I am directly 
discussing their meaning).  The CC-By-SA work is more of a conceptual 
illustration, so I'm using it directly, not under fair use.  Or so I 
think, anyway.

I think after all, I need to separate them, and only combine the 
ARR/Fair Use screencaps with CC-By work.  That turns out not to be so 
onerous (only one figure is badly affected by that choice).

It was a funny problem, because I had really considered it.  My 
*article* will be CC-By-SA, so it didn't really occur to me that there'd 
be a problem using By-SA images (and there won't be as long as they are 
independent from ARR images).


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