[cc-licenses] "Collective" vs "Derivative" was Re: "mere aggregation"

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Wed Oct 18 22:27:37 EDT 2006

I appear to have made a small faux pas in using GPL language in the 
first post. The CC licenses use the terms "Collective Work" and 
"Derivative Work" to talk about this issue.

My question remains pretty much the same, though:

When compositing several images into a single image file, can the whole 
still constitute a "collective" work?  I'm thinking that it might depend 
on whether the images overlap (i.e. is part of an image obscured?)

Or perhaps the mere fact that they are in a single image file is 
sufficient to invoke the copyleft terms for the whole?

Terry Hancock wrote:
>  I'm creating a set of illustrations to go along with an article. Due
>  to the nature of the blogging software, it's desireable to minimize
>  the number of images. I often do this by using multiple images in
>  one, or "insets".
>  Does it make a difference whether the images overlap (as in an inset)
>  or are merely beside each other (an array)?
>  Just for reference, here's an existing example of what I mean by an
>  "array":
>  and here of "insets":
>  http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/files/nodes/1366/fig_tucson2000.jpg

I'm interested both because I want to "do the right thing" with this 
project, and also because it's just an interesting question about CC 


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