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On Tuesday 17 October 2006 01:27 pm, Discussion on the Creative Commons 
license drafts wrote:
> Henri wrote:
> > I had thought that WIPO requires members to grant the same level of
> > copyright monopoly to foreign copyright holders as they grant to
> It does.
> > country has a life plus 70 rule, it has to apply at least life plus
> > 70 to the KJV (but life plus 70 puts the KJV in the Public Domain).
> The issue is that when the Crown Copyright was granted, teh term was not
> life plus 70 years, but rather "until the end of eternity".
> There is a legal principle that prevents the duration of the copyright
> from being reduced from "until the end of eternity" to something
> somewhat shorter.

I think you missed his point which is that country A only has to give those in 
country B the same protection that they give to their own. They do not have 
to give their own , and country B's the same protection that country B gives. 
Is this point correct?

> > we might not get out of the learning phase unless CC has the guts to
> > say to its NC "institutional partners" that NC was a mistake and
> > needs to be deprecated and rebranded so that it doesn't enjoy the
> > same brand image as the licenses without NC.
> +1
> Rename the licences to:
> gratis-BY-SA
> gratis-BY-ND
> gratis-BY
> gratis
> Then include a clause to the effect of "This material may not be sold,
> transmitted, replicated, duplicated, or otherwise distributed in a
> manner which cause a charge, whether direct, indirect, or associated
> with the material, to the recipient of the material.  All expenses in
> distribution have to be born by the distributor, who may not receive any
> compensation for the distribution."

This is not what I want for my BY-Sa works at all. I want BY-SA(libre) and 
they can charge if the market will permit it.

Now, I might like some tweaking as to what is considered "mere aggregation" 
but that is a seperate issue.

Unless I missed you meaning an you intend gratis to replace NC, which I now 
think you might.

What I propose is that CC create a logo for Free CC or Libre CC if you will 
and only put BY and BY-SA under that logo.

Then, if they think that BY-SA or BY are the preferred licenses for enabling a 
properly working creative commons, let them say so, say why, and promote the 
Free CC licenses while still making the other CC licenses available for those 
who have not caught on yet.

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