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On Tuesday 17 October 2006 04:24 am, Jonathon Blake wrote:
> On 10/11/06, drew Roberts <zotz at 100jamz.com> wrote:
> [It  looks like my earlier response didn't get thru.]
> > And if that is the case, woulldn't these groups be better off adding 10
> > to 50 percent to their royalty amount for a few years and funding a
> > copyleft
> Bible translations have a half life of roughly ten years. It takes
> between five and ten years to develop a new translation.  It is those
> expenses that are incurred prior to printing, and selling the
> translation that have to be recouped.

I think you misunderstood who the "these groups" I was referring to were. I 
was referring to those who pay royalties, not those who earn royalties.
> > up an unending copyright monopoly on a work based on something that was
> > surely "in the public domain."
> When the KJV-1611 eas published, material either had a Crown
> Copyright, or was public domain.  Crown Copyright. It was only in the
> middle of the seventeenth century that copyright had a specific period
> of duration.specific expiration date.

I get that, I am talking about the works from which the translation was made.
> > Would it be the RIAA or these people:
> > http://www.ccli.com/
> Who you have to convince depends upon what is used, and how it is used.
> > worship song if they know it by heart. CCLI holding organizations like us
> > can
> Operative phrase "if they know it by heart".
> > > many religious organizations that use the NC licence realize that.]
> >
> > Well, they should at least read the license they are putting works under.
> > It
> It is in a footnote to the NC Guidelines.  If you didn't see that
> footnote, you probably wouldn't realize it.
> > To me, in these times, they should have to keep a list of all formerly
> > copyright works and where possible, make digital versions available
> > online.
> The major issue there is a lack of resources:  Money and people.

Well, are you ready for a radical idea?

For those who push "intellectual property" institude a tax on the value of 
said "property".  Let the owner of the copyright declare its value for tax 
purposes, no questions asked, with this twist. Whatever value they put on it 
for tax purposes, is a non-rescindable offer to sell/transfer the copyright 
for the same amount.

Let those "taxes" fund the registry. If you put your work under a copyleft 
license, it is taxiexempt and not value need be put on it and hence no offer 
for sale...
> In creating a list of  "orphaned works", they will also create a list
> of material currently copyright, and currently public domain.

Cool if so. But... Will they have to put such a list online in an easily 
searchable form?

I am concerned about this because, as I think I have mentioned before on the 
CC lists, I see songs native to my country, which I figure might be in the 
public domain, with a copyright claimed by a US company. Now, I imagine they 
may be claiming copyright on the particular printed arrangement or something, 
but they don't state what and the copyright is claimed at each song in the 
book and not only on the book as a whole.

I know this is getting far afield from CC's area of "work"...-
> Perhaps they could interest Google in funding that project.
> > > > One answer is because we are doing our best to make the world a
> > > > better place and this choice of a license is a part of that. there
> > > > are other answers. Would you care to brainstom\rm for some?
> > >
> > > I"ll have to get back to you on this one.
> >
> > It seems to me that anyone/organization can use an NC work to teach a
> > course. It is just that the students will have to obtain copies of the
> > works for themselves independently. I mean, you can use an ARR work for
> > this now can't
> The difference is that there is a system setup for payment of
> royalties for ARR material.  I'm not sure that that system can also
> include CC-NC material.

So, are you telling me that if a teacher chooses a text book, royalties must 
be paid for using the book as a text in class? I know royalties would be paid 
on the books that are purchased by the students.
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> jonathon

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