[cc-licenses] New Generic and ports

Mia Garlick mia at creativecommons.org
Sun Oct 8 17:33:27 EDT 2006

ok, or what rob said!! thanks rob!

On Oct 8, 2006, at 2:32 PM, Rob Myers wrote:

> (I am not CC, I am not a lawyer.)
> Henri Sivonen wrote:
>> What's the point of "New Generic" if CC doesn't believe in GSFDL-
>> style licenses that are designed to be globally applicable?
> Not everyone lives in a country with a CC port. They will currently be
> using the standard CC licenses, which contain some US-specific  
> language.
> The new generic licenses only refer to the international copyright
> treaties that most countries are signatories of. This will make the  
> new
> generic licenses better for people in countries that do not have CC
> license ports.
> For countries with a CC port, localised licenses will still be  
> better. I
> don't know what the plans are for porting the 3.0 licenses.
> - Rob.
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