[cc-licenses] New Generic and ports

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Sun Oct 8 17:36:16 EDT 2006

drew Roberts wrote:
> On Sunday 08 October 2006 04:28 am, Henri Sivonen wrote:
>> On Oct 8, 2006, at 08:24, jonathon wrote:
>>> Since I expect the most significant dispute to be over the meaning of
>>> "Non Commercial",
>> FWIW, I think NC is a major bug in CC. First, I think it is
>> irresponsible to offer a license whose meaning is unclear even to the
>> CC folks themselves. 

CC are working on an NC definition and I thought the initial version was 
very good. I've also had useful discussions with educational users of 
NC, and I personally think that it is possible for a state or nonprofit 
educational institution to make NC use of work.

> [...]T his "mislableing" problem is cropping up all the time.
>> Now the Free as in Free Software type of Free Culture loses works to
>> NC, because having NC available makes authors choose it by knee-jerk
>> reaction. If NC wasn't available, to associate oneself with the brand
>> of Free Culture, one would actually have to make the works Free as in
>> Free Software.


Personally I would like to see NC and ND deprecated.

> As big a bug as NC is, I think ND is a bigger one. Exactly what, from a 
> creative comons point of view, can one do with an ND work that you can't do 
> with an all rights reserved work. (I am not saying that I don't prefer ND 
> works or even NC-ND works to "ARR" works, just asking what commons benefit 
> they give?)

You can copy them over peer to peer networks. This is a net gain over 
how ARR is generally applied by the record companies.

> Would CC be willing to consider a "Free CC" logo / brand / subsection that 
> those of us concerned with "Free Culture" ... can associate under and 
> promote? Do others concerned with "Free" think this is wise or would be 
> useful?

The problem is that if you look at CC usage, NC is the most popular 
license module.

There is also overwhelming backing for NC from Lessig, as putting a URL 
after NC works where you can buy an ARR license to the work solves the 
problem of people confusing libre and gratis by confusing them for them.

- Rob.

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