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drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Sat Oct 7 20:47:32 EDT 2006

On Saturday 07 October 2006 06:30 pm, Andres Guadamuz wrote:
> drew Roberts wrote:
> > While I can understand this, can someone talk to the issue of a long
> > train of derivative works with the various generations being released
> > under different county specific versions of the "same" license?
> >
> > all the best,
> >
> > drew
> Peter has answered this really well, but let me add that I believe long
> chains of derivatives as those that can be found in software are less
> common in creative works. 

First, let me say that it seems you took my question above as some "comeback" 
when it was a simple question and a new question.

> Firstly, we must consider that there are a lot 
> of No Derivatives licensed material out there. 

Personally, I am only interested in BY-SA for my own works and BY for possible 
use in my BY-SA works.

There may indeed be a lot of ND works out there but I don't consider them as 
being too useful to a creative commons.

> Secondly, in my short and 
> limited experience looking at CC content and licences, I haven't
> encountered a lot of actual inter-jurisdiction licence incompatibility
> in existing licences. 

Well sure, not yet. But in 20 years? If there isn't going to be this long 
chain of re-use, do we really need a creative commons? Do the majority of 
people involved in the creative commons actually believe that a creative 
commons is important?

> There have to be local differences, but these can 
> actually help in local interpretation even if the user is employing a
> generic licence. It is my opinion that in many countries courts can look
> at the local version of the licence even if the user is using a generic
> version. 

This response is a big part of what makes me think you thought my simple 
question above was meant to counter some previous reasoning. It was not. I 
really would like to know. Has anyone considered what the siutation will look 
like in 20 to 40 years time? By the time our copyrights run out? I ask 
becuase until this particular thread came up I had never done so.

> It may shock some people to learn that not all judges in the 
> world speak English.

This was unnecessary in my humble opinion. However, I do know that it is easy 
for such things to slip in online discussions.
> Andres

all the best,

(da idea man)
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