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Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Sat Oct 7 15:17:49 EDT 2006

drew Roberts wrote:
>  OK, here is the below part I mentioned above. So, I make a BY-SA work
>  and release it. (I am actually in the Bahamas, but for the sake of
>  this, let's pretend I am in the US.) Someone makes a big time
>  adaptation of it. That someone is a German living in Germany.
>  Now, let's put these two things together. There is some sort of
>  dispute. According to the first part, the German court (would it end
>  up in the German court?) would use the german version of the contract
>  and according to the second part they would base their interpretation
>  of the contract on the will of the licensor. (Are you sure you don't
>  mean on the understanding of what the licensor thought he was doing?)
>  That would be me who doesn't understand a word of German (well,
>  perhaps a few words) and who doesn't know anything about German law.

That would be you, who allowed derivatives of your work to be 
distributed under the German version of the By-SA license (i.e. you've 
agreed to this in the English version of the By-SA).  Of course, we know 
that you are trusting CC to have made the two licenses equivalent.


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