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Evan Prodromou evan at prodromou.name
Sat Oct 7 12:32:48 EDT 2006

This is my personal position on the 3.0 licenses.

I believe that Creative Commons has a poor reputation in the Free
Software community. I believe that this reputation could be
significantly improved if CC-licensed works were allowed into Debian
GNU/Linux. Debian is one of three entities that "approve" licenses
(Debian, FSF, OSI), and its decisions are held in high regard by the
greater FLOSS community.

I'm glad that so many of the original problems we had with the 2.0
licenses have been solved. I think that parallel distribution is a
similarly minute issue. I think that parallel distribution is a fair and
equitable way to allow the Creative Commons message to expand with
DRM-required platforms without endangering the freedoms of downstream
users. The user has the same rights to the work (play, modify,
distribute) as they would otherwise; in this case, the rights are spread
across different file formats of the same work. In the case of
source/object code for programs, we have another case where freedoms are
distributed across different file formats of the same work.

I am concerned that we will be forced to take this decision later based
on market pressures; I think it's better for the CC project to work out
an equitable way to do it now, rather than being forced into it later.

I  reject the argument that no one is asking to be allowed to distribute
on DRM-required platforms; Debian is asking for it. If no one was asking
for it, the subject would have never come up.

I and others have worked extremely hard for more than 2 years to make
these licenses compatible with the Debian Free Software Guidelines. I'd
like to thank Mia Garlick and Larry Lessig for all their effort in this
matter; also the members of the Debian Creative Commons Workgroup and
other debian-legal members who've helped get this process moving.



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