[cc-licenses] CreativeCommons.org clarification on CC-BY section 4.a? (was Compatibility of Attribution license with Trialware)

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Fri Oct 6 07:22:15 EDT 2006


On 10/6/06, Melissa Cotano <melcotano at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I understand that because the software would expire after a given period
> of time this might infringe on CC-BY section 4.a (the images are embedded
> in the binary.) So what if I also install those images in a separate folder
> on the user's PC. They would also be accessible at anytime.
> Would this by comply with the license?

I am not too sure about this. But here's a thought: I think you can comly
with the license if you make the Images available for download seperately.

If you bind the screensaver and the images together as one zip (equivalent
compressed file) file, then you are practically forcing your screensaver on
people who only want the CC images, and this is a probable violation. So, if
the screensaver and the images are seperately available, then you'd be safe.

IANAL though.

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