[cc-licenses] CreativeCommons.org clarification on CC-BY section 4.a? (was Compatibility of Attribution license with Trialware)

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Fri Oct 6 05:04:46 EDT 2006

Melissa Cotano wrote:
>  I understand that because the software would expire after a given
>  period of time this might infringe on CC-BY section 4.a (the images
>  are embedded in the binary.) So what if I also install those images
>  in a separate folder on the user's PC. They would also be accessible
>  at anytime.
>  Would this by comply with the license?

In my opinion, yes it would, because "the works" are not being constrained
by the trialware code, only the display program.  (I could, for example,
download the images and use them in someone else's screensaver program.
Or I could cut and paste and make collages out of them, or whatever). The
stuff that's under the CC-By license would retain all of the freedoms the
license is meant to ensure.


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