[cc-licenses] cc licenses and youtube

Mia Garlick mia at creativecommons.org
Thu Oct 5 19:06:03 EDT 2006

hey alek,

obviously if a cc licensor posts to youtube there is no issue. it's  
only if a licensee posts that we need to think about this.  i checked  
with mike and his response was that YouTube are not applying a TPM.   
they are simply making it difficult to download but not impossible  
and there's no real restriction on being able to do so or your usage  
after that...

On Oct 5, 2006, at 1:52 AM, Alek Tarkowski wrote:

> Dear all,
> I've just came upon a case that's applicable to our discussion on  
> licenses and TPMs / DRMs. I'm wondering, is it a breach of the  
> license to post a CC-licensed work solely on YouTube? It's a site  
> that, after all, doesn't allow copying of files (though it can be  
> done... and quite easily at that). I might be missing something and  
> the obvious answer is "no, it's not!", but otherwise this is an  
> issue, as sites like YouTube are such a popular way of spreading  
> content around.
> best,
> alek tarkowski
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