[cc-licenses] CreativeCommons.org clarification on CC-BY section 4.a? (was Compatibility of Attribution license with Trialware)

Melissa Cotano melcotano at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 5 16:28:15 EDT 2006

  Terry raised a very good point and I would like to know if the folks at CreativeCommons.org can help us better understand CC-BY section 4.a.
  In my case I am making commercial screensavers and would like to use CC-BY 2.0 images. The trick is that the screensavers are to be distributed as trialware (like the original poster's game.)
  I understand that because the software would expire after a given period of time this might infringe on CC-BY section 4.a (the images are embedded in the binary.) So what if I also install those images in a separate folder on the user's PC. They would also be accessible at anytime.
  Would this by comply with the license?
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Terry Hancock <hancock at anansispaceworks.com> wrote: Melissa Cotano wrote:
>  CC-BY section 4.a states that:
>  "You may not distribute, publicly display, publicly perform, or
>  publicly digitally perform the Work with any technological measures
>  that control access or use of the Work in a manner inconsistent with
>  the terms of this License Agreement"
>  I would say that trialware "controls access and use of the work"
>  (since after a period of time that work becomes unavailable.) Now
>  what I am not sure is if this is considered to be "a manner
>  inconsistent with the terms of this License Agreement."

Yeah, it would be inconsistent with "CC-By" since the license permits 
access indefinitely,
whereas the trialware shuts down after a period of time (i.e. the 
control prevents access at a time when the license -- CC-By -- would 
still permit access, hence it's inconsistent with the license terms).

The reason why this wouldn't affect the original poster's problem is 
just that the content under the CC-By is separate from the program that 
displays them. So as long as the content remains accessible even after 
the trial has expired, the license on the content is not affected, IMHO.


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