[cc-licenses] cc licenses and youtube

Alek Tarkowski alek.tarkowski at creativecommons.pl
Thu Oct 5 04:52:55 EDT 2006

Dear all,

I've just came upon a case that's applicable to our discussion on 
licenses and TPMs / DRMs. I'm wondering, is it a breach of the license 
to post a CC-licensed work solely on YouTube? It's a site that, after 
all, doesn't allow copying of files (though it can be done... and quite 
easily at that). I might be missing something and the obvious answer is 
"no, it's not!", but otherwise this is an issue, as sites like YouTube 
are such a popular way of spreading content around.


alek tarkowski

koordynator / Public Lead
Creative Commons Polska / Poland

(+48) 889 660 444

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