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melanie dulong de rosnay wrote:
> hi all,
> at CC France we don't need to have this debate closed today and i  
> agree with Tom that people who don't agree with the amended anti-TPM  
> clause should be able to continue to discuss until hopefully some  
> kind of consensus or the strong feeling that consensus will not be  
> reached now (within a few days/weeks).
Dear all,

I agree with the previous voices regarding the state of this discussion. My personal feeling is that nothing good comes out of mailing list discussions where people start intensively replying-to-replies-of-replies, commenting each other's every sentence back and forth.

So furthermore I am confused, and Melanie has brought this issue up - by the status of this discussion. I treat it as a 'local' discussion among several persons interested in licensing issues, but with no claims to representation of the "whole community / constituency" - whatever that would be. I therefore do not understand why a consensus is needed? In my opinion all this list is doing is at best providing some advice? food for thought? to Mia who is drafting the license. Similarly, when Paul wrote about "public discussion" recently, I wasn't sure that's the right term, and I think it's important to name things for what they are. I agree that in many ways it is a public discussion - it is open to anyone interested. But at the same time, due to its range and for many probably reasons, I do not feel it is a true "public" discussion - mainly because the number of participants is limited. 
One thing that makes me curious - why no significant institutional user of our licenses - say a site like Flickr, or the open access community, or netlabels, etc. (other than Debian and MIT, as far as I understand) is present in this discussion. Do they really don't care about the shape of the licenses? Or are they satisfied with the current version? (And does it really matter to us?, I may add...)


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