[cc-licenses] short short anti-tpm

Discussion on the Creative Commons license drafts cc-licenses at lists.ibiblio.org
Thu Oct 5 02:36:43 EDT 2006

Terry wrote:

> just means the TPM wrapper recognizes a hash-signature on the content).  
> OTOH, this is probably a lot more work for Dave than producing a generic 
> wrapper, so maybe it's enough of a deterrant.

Most, if not all multimedia file formats have space for comments.  DAVE 
DRM Monopolist could simply toss an encrypted digital signature in one 
of those comment fields, and neglect to mention that the hardware only 
plays content that has that digital signature.  And have the error that 
is displayed be somewhat cryptic (EG: "RLE Data error"), so that people 
think that the file is corrupt, and not simply lacking the required 
digital signature.



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