Paul Keller paul at waag.org
Wed Oct 4 09:26:14 EDT 2006

dear all,

i have just read through all the summaries and i was wondering how  
this discussion does realted to the original question posted by mia  
when she opened the public discussion on this list. she basically  
offered two options for 3.0 generic. the first option was an amended  
version of the original anti DRM/TPM wording and the second option  
was to include parallel distribution language in order to make debian  
legal happy.

in my perception during the first part of the discussion (pre mia's  
excellent summary document) this list was about evenly split into a  
group that preferred the amended original language (mainly because CC  
and DRM/TPM do not mix in their eyes) and a group of people  
preferring the paralel distribution clause (in order to make it  
posible for cc materials to be used on DRM/TPM only platforms)

now i am trying to recap the second half of the discussion (mainly  
from the summaries) and it appears to me that the balance has shifted  
a bit more in direction of keeping the amended old language as the  
parallel distribution is considered to be fundamentally flawed (thus  
making it possible to use CC content on DRM/TPM only platforms does  
not only come at the cost of 'bowing to an evil concept' and makes  
the licenses more complex - both arguments raised earlier - but can  
also allow others monopolize free content in certain constellations.

do you think this a somewhat reasonable summary of the discussion so  
far? (and no i am not interested in details here i am interested in a  
summary that enables us to come to some kind of conclusion as a lot  
of us *really* wait for the 3.0 licenses for reasons completely  
unrelated to DRMdave and his friends). if it is i think it strongly  
suggests that we should go for the amended generic language (which if  
you have a look at mia's fisrt response in the summary document might  
include parallel distribution scenarios) instead of a new parallel  
distribution clause.

all the best,
paul (CC-NL)
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