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Tue Oct 3 21:53:29 EDT 2006

On Tuesday 03 October 2006 09:06 pm, Terry Hancock wrote:
> drew Roberts wrote:
> >  DRM-Dave could provide the service of applying DRM at not cost to
> >  FREE works while charging to do so for non-FREE works. This would
> >  allow Dave to sell FREE works for his DRM only platform while
> >  conducting business as usual with respect to non-Free works.
> This is not an unreasonable idea.  It strikes me as fair in principle.
> But I don't think it's so easy in practice.
> The problem I see with it is that it seems like it would be very hard to
> sell the idea to a TPM/DRM provider.  OTOH, I can imagine a company like
> Sony (which is currently trying to win hearts by running Linux on
> Playstation 3) offering a service on terms like this for the goodwill
> value.  The biggest problem might be the guarantee to maintain this
> service in the future (e.g. for how long?).  Remember, we're not talking
> about something DRM-Dave *can* do, we're talking about something he
> *must* do.
> One possibility is that he must maintain such a service for X years
> after the last time that he provides the DRM'd work.

As long as he wants to have the rights to distribute the licensed works with 
TPM applied?
> Or he might publish the key, rendering the DRM ineffective/transparent
> (this might be a good platform-retirement option).

This might be an important line of thinking to explore.
> However, this is obviously a pretty complex requirement to draft, and
> the relative lack of any DRM provider who'd want it seems to make it a
> lot of work for little gain.
> Of course, the biggest question here is why is this more attractive to
> the TPM platform owner than just allowing their platform to play free,
> non-TPM content?  (Which we'd prefer anyway).

I thought I answered this when I pointed out that the platform owner could 
still have sort of monopoly position when it came to non-Free works. He could 
still charge his rent for those works. If he allowed the platform to play 
non-DRM works, he could not charge this rent from anyone.

Please note, I am not saying I like this situation. I am meerly exploring 
> Cheers,
> Terry

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