[cc-licenses] Subject: Re: Version 3.0 - List Discussion Responses

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Mon Oct 2 13:01:38 EDT 2006

drew Roberts wrote:
>  So what is the problem with parallel distribution if anyone can apply
>  the DRM? But no DRM distribution if only restricted someones can
>  apply the DRM?

Essentially the problem is that it's only DRM precisely because the 
licensor doesn't allow that freedom (i.e. if you do, it's only 
"encryption"; not protected by the DMCA; and not a subject of these 
license terms).

So, indeed, all the platform-owner apparently has to do is say "Okay, my 
DRM isn't a DRM anymore", and everything is sunshine and butterflies (no 
license changes required).

But they're not going to do that, so it's all kind of moot.


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