[cc-licenses] Parallel Distribution and Non-Copyleft Licenses

Evan Prodromou evan at prodromou.name
Wed Nov 29 19:41:17 EST 2006

On Wed, 2006-29-11 at 21:20 +0000, Rob Myers wrote:

> >   Since the dominant argument against parallel distribution on this
> >   list seems to boil down to a critique that the clause provide a way
> >   to sidestep copyleft, 
> The clause provides a way of removing people's rights. 

That's simply not true. Nobody loses any rights from having the clause
added, and your net freedom is greater with a parallel distribution
clause than without it.

Without PD, here are your rights w/r/t a CC-BY- or CC-BY-SA-licensed

			On open		On DRM-required
			platforms	platforms
	Freedom 0	X		
	Freedom 1	X
	Freedom 2	X
	Freedom 3	X

With PD, here are your Freedoms:

			On open		On DRM-required
			platforms	platforms
	Freedom 0	X		X		
	Freedom 1	X		X
	Freedom 2	X		(depends on platform)
	Freedom 3	X		(depends on platform)

Net freedoms are increased, plain and simple, even in the worst case for
platforms where you can't distribute a verbatim or modified version of
the work to run on that platform.


Evan Prodromou <evan at prodromou.name>

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