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Tue Nov 21 17:16:01 EST 2006

Mia wrote:

> sorry but i don't quite understand your post.

I'll rephrase it then.

If a CC-NC licence is used, then for commercial usage the creators have 
to be individually contacted, unless
i) The creators are also members of the appropriate copyright royalty 
collecting organization;
ii) The creators have submitted the appropriate paperwork to the 
copyright royalty collecting organization;

If both i & ii apply, then it is treated by the copyright royalty 
collecting organization as if it was a standard "all rights reserved" 
license --- assuming the submitted paperwork does not state otherwise..

Typically, Copyright royalty collecting organizations will notify users 
if the artist is not a member of their organization. The organization 
will also attempt to persuade the artist to join their organization.
Usually, they will also notify users if a specific work is not covered, 
even if the artist is a member of the organization.

Does that clarify it for you?



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