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drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Mon Nov 20 17:32:40 EST 2006

On Monday 20 November 2006 04:41 pm, Pete Rabjohns wrote:
> theprojekt.co.uk is a
> relatively new initiative set up to develop the skills of young
> Scottish film-makers and musicians.
> We publish our members' work on our
> website for review and comment - all of this material is CC licensed
> (Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-alike as standard,
> Attribution-Non-Commercial- No-Derivs when members use copyrighted
> material from our bank of pre-approved copyrighted materials, or as
> inherited)
> We've decided to use ccMixter as a training resource for our members.
> During our initial research, I was so impressed with some of the mixes
> on the site, I sent links to friends so they could enjoy and check out
> the site also. Their responses were predictably positive.
> Several of my friends work in local broadcast radio (commercial) - is
> there any mechanism that allows them to pick up on certain cc licensed
> mixes/remixes
> and promote them (and ccMixter) to a wider audience? Do the fees they
> pay to e.g. the performing rights society in the UK, cover them to
> play CC-licensed material, or if the cc license is non-commercial do
> they have to approach each individual artist (and previous contributors
> in the case of a remix/mashup etc) in each individual case to negotiate
> clearance/fees etc?
> Grateful for your help and clarification

I find this topic interesting. I was thinking along similar lines for works 
licensed CC BY-SA. My thought was to find a way for the person using the 
license to choose whether to simply pay as if the work was all rights 
reserved if that was simpler for them book keeping wise or to claim the CC 
BY-SA use and provide "accounting stats" to the collection society.

I think this would need to cooperation of the various societies and the 
artists would have to join their appropriate society.

> Pete Rabjohns

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