[cc-licenses] Broadcast (Text version,hopefully)

Pete Rabjohns info at theprojekt.co.uk
Mon Nov 20 16:41:49 EST 2006

theprojekt.co.uk is a

relatively new initiative set up to develop the skills of young
Scottish film-makers and musicians.
We publish our members' work on our
website for review and comment - all of this material is CC licensed
(Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-alike as standard,
Attribution-Non-Commercial- No-Derivs when members use copyrighted
material from our bank of pre-approved copyrighted materials, or as
We've decided to use ccMixter as a training resource for our members.
During our initial research, I was so impressed with some of the mixes
on the site, I sent links to friends so they could enjoy and check out
the site also. Their responses were predictably positive.
Several of my friends work in local broadcast radio (commercial) - is
there any mechanism that allows them to pick up on certain cc licensed
and promote them (and ccMixter) to a wider audience? Do the fees they
pay to e.g. the performing rights society in the UK, cover them to
play CC-licensed material, or if the cc license is non-commercial do
they have to approach each individual artist (and previous contributors
in the case of a remix/mashup etc) in each individual case to negotiate
clearance/fees etc?
Grateful for your help and clarification


Pete Rabjohns


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