[cc-licenses] NC Yet again (was: Version 3.0 - Revised License Drafts )

Discussion on the Creative Commons license drafts cc-licenses at lists.ibiblio.org
Fri Nov 3 02:55:38 EST 2006

Jim wrote:

At a minimum, would you change the topic line, when you change the 

> Since I'm new, I will assume that my question is basic and has been asked
> and answered, so forgive me.

Basic: Yes.
Asked: Yes.
Answered: The jury is out on that one, and probably will remain so, 
until "Non Commercial" is clearly defined within the licence.

> Q: Does taking content that has a non-commercial restriction and using on a
> website that runs AdSense violate the non-comm. restriction?

Yes it does.
No it does not.
Maybe it does, maybe it does not.

4 (c) tends to indicate that AdSense violates the NC part.
The CC Guidelines imply that AdSense might not violate the NC part.

Current thinking is very mixed.  It literally depends upon what the 
content creator understands "Non Commercial" to mean.  I'll also point 
out that the content user can have a contrary position to that of the 
content creator, and still claim to be within the bounds of the contract.



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