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drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Wed May 24 21:58:43 EDT 2006

On Wednesday 24 May 2006 07:15 pm, Douglas Pollard wrote:
>     Here is a little something from a different perspective as regards CC.
> Last year I made up an hour long DVD of living aboard a sailboat in
> FortLauderdale and sailing to the Bahamas spending the winter doing all the
> things you do on a trip like that and returning To Fort Lauderdale. I
> didn't have all the photos I needed and I added music. I didn't worry about
> copyright as I was going to give copy's to my kids and no one else..
> Everyone including friends that I showed it too really liked it.
>     I thought I might remove all the copywrited stuff add CC music and
> pictures and put it on line free under CC.  I am finding it almost
> impossible to find stuff that I can use because so many pictures film clips
> and music have different conditions for use.   I also have not been able to
> figure out if it's ok to give credit on a separate page at the end of the
> cd. I am beginning to think that CC is not practical for use in something
> like I am trying to do. Seems like there should be a different search
> engine for each different type of license. If not yet down the road
> someplace. Doug

This is indeed a serious issue (finding content by license) as I just 
mentioned in a reply to Terry Hancock.

That said, you can find a bunch of BY music if you follow this link:


You can find some of my BY-SA stuff here:


Sorry that link is so long. I live in Nassau and have some pics from Abaco as 
well. I am happy to put any existing picture (without people) under a BY-SA 
license and put them up on ourmedia. I am also happy to go out and take pics 
around here on request to be put under the same license.

all the best,

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> > Greg London wrote:
> >>  Founders's isn't being adopted in any significant numbers. I think
> >>  any sort of term-limit-non-commercial license would fare even worse.
> >
> > I don't think the term-limit principle is the reason for the failure of
> > Founder's.
> >
> > I think the reasons are:
> >
> > 1) It's not a license at all, but a copyright purchasing contract
> > arrangement.
> >
> > 2) It's too complicated, and easy to misunderstand.
> >
> > 3) It requires agent-level trust in the Creative Commons organization.
> >
> > 4) It requires an exchange of money -- transactional cost.
> >
> > 5) It is fundamentally incompatible with the other CC license modules.
> >
> > 6) It is not marketed in any appealing way.
> >
> > As such, it is wide-open to FUD, and it's not a big surprise to me that
> > it failed so badly. Ultimately, it failed because it *isn't* a license
> > module.
> >
> > Or so it would seem to me.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Terry
> >
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