[cc-licenses] Founders as a module? was Re: Getting to Version 3.0

rob at robmyers.org rob at robmyers.org
Tue May 23 07:05:24 EDT 2006

Quoting Greg London <email at greglondon.com>:

> I think Rob's point was a scenario where Alice chooses
> to use Founder's with an N year delay to public domain release,
> and at N-1, Alice freaks and wants to keep her work under the
> original, more restrictive, license. So, she willingly choose it
> at the start, but before the release period was up, she changed
> her mind and wants to revoke it.
> I could be wrong.

Your description of the scenario is correct.

> I don't have much sympathy for Alice in this situation,

Nor me.

> but I could see an uneducated media hyping it all out
> of whack about how CC is "stealing" someone's work.

Yup. There's also malice as well as ignorance, it would be a gift to various
organisations that are pathologically opposed to any form of CC licensing.

- Rob.

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