[cc-licenses] Pearl Jam trying to limit the time the license applies?

rob at robmyers.org rob at robmyers.org
Tue May 23 06:57:18 EDT 2006

Quoting Terry Hancock <hancock at anansispaceworks.com>:

> J.B. Nicholson-Owens wrote:
>>  If the license is "perpetual (for the duration of the applicable
>>  copyright)" what will happen on May 24, 2006?
> Most likely, the copy currently on the website will be removed,
> or else re-licensed.



 From a you-can't-make-money-with-creative-commons-licenses point of view, this
creates a buzz, sends the clip a bit viral, and creates more demand for 
the pay
version (not everyone will have a friend with a CC'd copy).

There's also this, but they'll have to wait 35 years. :-) Search for "Section
203" at:


- Rob.

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