[cc-licenses] CC and performing right orgs (ASCAP, SESAC, BMI)

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	According to the Creative Commons FAQ, it will not confuse the


I am in a band; can I use Creative Commons licenses but still collect
statutory royalties such as under statutory licenses for public

Yes, so long as you choose a "NonCommercial" license option (ie.
Attribution-NonCommercial, Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike or
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives) because under these licenses
you reserve the right to collect royalties under statutory or compulsory
licenses for commercial use of your work. Whether, as a practical
matter, you can collect these royalties, depends on which country you
are in (check out the answer to the next question). 

Under the Creative Commons licenses that permit other people to make
commercial use of your work (ie. Attribution, Attribution-ShareAlike,
Attribution-NoDerivatives), the licensor waives the right to collect
these royalties.

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I'm sure this question comes up regularly, but I just joined the  
list, and haven't seen it discussed.

I'm a musician.  I put my music up online under a CC license because  
the solution to IP issues is to  make  music freely available for non- 
commercial use.

My question is, if I register my songs with ASCAP  will this confuse  
the issue?  My thinking is that, since ASCAP collects royalties for  
commercial use, and my CC license is for non-commercial use, that  
I'm  covered.

Any comments?


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