[cc-licenses] Color-coding, was Re: Getting to Version 3.0

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Thu May 18 10:54:14 EDT 2006

On Thursday 18 May 2006 10:13 am, Terry Hancock wrote:
> Mia Garlick wrote:
> > Attached is an outline for why and how CC proposes to version to  3.0.
> > [...]
> Regarding the section on disambiguating licenses, ever since that guy asked
> about license buttons for non-free EULA-type licenses, I'v been thinking
> that
> some kind of color-coding scheme would be extremely helpful, both for
> clarity
> and as a marketing tool, e.g.:
> "Free" licenses have cool colors (say):
>     GREEN = free / non-copyleft
>     BLUE    = free copyleft
> While "non-free" licenses have hot colors:
>     YELLOW = Non-Commercial
>     ORANGE = Non-derivative (& NC-ND)
>     RED        =  More restrictive licenses (e.g. EULAs)

I like this idea or something that would accomplish something similar. I hate 
having to mouseover or click on the CC logo to see if something is BY or 
BY-SA which is really the only content I look for. Having this info more 
easily seen would be a big help for me. Also, why can't the logos have the 
"codes" BY,SA,NC,ND attached below in black on white?

Clarity is important.
> Of course, those are just ideas that seem psychologically appropriate to me
> (the one that provides the greatest freedom to the receiver is GREEN as in
> "go", and the one that provides the least is RED as in "stop" or
> "warning").
> I also feel that BLUE is appropriate for the free-licensed copyleft
> regime because
> it has very positive connotations of freedom and open space ("sky"),
> also blue
> signifies "loyalty" to many people, and thus fits the copyleft ideal.
> I don't like NC or ND, but they shouldn't be RED, because they allow many
> people sufficient freedom for what they need.  But they should be used
> with "caution", traditionally symbolized by YELLOW.  ND is a bit more
> restrictive than NC, so it gets the ORANGE color code.
> LinuxTag used something like this on their free music demo disk a few
> years ago (they had special "green", "yellow", and "red" licenses written
> up for it -- probably pre-dated CC).
> Cheers,
> Terry

I cannot fault your colour choices or reasoning.

all the best,

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