[cc-licenses] using differently licensed media in a wiki (or other web page)

James Sweet james at educationarchitects.com
Sun May 14 14:38:14 EDT 2006

I'm wondering whether it is possible to incorporate media with different
types of licenses in a wiki or other web page? For example, could one use a
photograph licensed by-nc-sa in a wiki licensed by-sa as long as the
photograph is not altered. (Would resizing count as altering?) Provided that
the photograph is properly attributed and the use in question is allowed, I
don't see how this would violate the nc provision because anyone reading the
wiki would be able to see clearly that the original work may not be used for
commercial purposes, even though the text from the wiki could be so used.


I found a post in the archives about distributing differently licensed media
together being acceptable, as long as they are not combined. I think this is
very similar to the wiki context, but I'm not sure how much consensus there
is around that view. Any clarification would be most appreciated.



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