[cc-licenses] CC-BY/GFDL compatibility

Erik Moeller eloquence at gmail.com
Fri May 12 19:29:08 EDT 2006

There's currently a discussion within Wikisource (a Wikimedia project)
about whether or not CC-BY content can be included in GFDL works:


I'd be interested in CC expert and community opinion on this. The
argument made above against compatibility is that CC-BY includes the
right of the licensor to request removal of attribution, where the
GFDL does not.

If indeed the two licenses are currently not compatible, are there
plans to make CC-BY one way compatible with GFDL? I imagine that this
could be achieved by at least two means:
* a dual licensing clause
* if the only objectionable clause in CC-BY is author attribution,
then that particular right may not be necessary in cases of
collaborative authorship (where an entity such as "Wikisource" as
designated for attribution), or it could be made an opt-in/opt-out



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