[cc-licenses] Dumping CC-BY-NC-ND and Narrowing CC-BY-ND

Douglas Pollard Dougpol1 at adelphia.net
Mon May 8 18:51:45 EDT 2006

Seems to me that what we are trying to do by democratic means,  can only be 
done by a republick.  A thousand people will never be able to decide 
something  that 10 people can  make a reasonable decision on quickly. This 
will never be decided, on line.

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> ¡Hello!
> ¿How Fare You?
> Awhile ago, I did took an impromptu poll and determined that most
> people hate CC-BY-NC-ND as being antithetical to the purpose as a
> creative commons (one cannot build on them).  We should remove CC-BY-
> NC-ND from future versions of the licenses and reduce the scope of CC-
> BY-ND to commercial works.
> We should create all licenses along these lines:
> 0. - the freedom to run the work for any purpose (called "freedom
> 0"), at least noncommercially
> 1. - the freedom to study and modify the program ("freedom 1"), at
> least noncommercially
> 2. - the freedom to copy the work so you can help your neighbor
> ("freedom 2"), at least noncommercially
> 3. - the freedom to improve the work, and release your improvements
> to the public, so that the whole community benefits ("freedom 3"), at
> least noncommercially
> In the meant time, I find that CC-BY-NC-ND is such an abomination,
> that I do not feel bound by it.  I shall follow the freedoms.  To me,
> CC-BY-NC-ND is CC-BY-NC.  CC-BY-ND does not apply to noncommercial
> works.  I shall write all of the missing chapter I want for CC-BY-NC-
> ND and CC-BY-ND and release them noncommercially.  I shall encourage
> others to do likewise.
> CC-BY-NC-ND and CC-BY-ND applied to noncommercial works is
> incompatible with the concept of a creative commons because one
> cannot build on them.
> ¡Thanks!
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> Ŭalabio‽
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> people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the
> votes decide everything.”
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