[cc-licenses] Can a by-NC-sa use material from a by-sa? Seems no

rob at robmyers.org rob at robmyers.org
Wed May 3 04:25:07 EDT 2006

Quoting robinp at xtra.co.nz:

> Thank you, Mia. Spot-on. Clearly by-sa is one of the five licenses 
> that is incompatible with all others.

BY is compatible with BY-SA. That is, you can incorporate BY content in an SA

[I have an irrational fear that "compatibility" will become such a shibboleth
that any "incompatible" license will have to be made "compatible" for the good
of "compatibility".]

> But I wonder why material available for commercial use should not be 
> copied to a place where it isn't.

Because it breaks the deal. Like putting it (or NC-SA work) under an ND 
As Terry says, it violates the sharealike and is more restrictive.

- Rob.

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