[cc-licenses] Can a by-NC-sa use material from a by-sa? Seems no

Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Wed May 3 03:00:17 EDT 2006

robinp at xtra.co.nz wrote:

>Thank you, Mia. Spot-on. Clearly by-sa is one of the five licenses that is incompatible with all others.
>But I wonder why material available for commercial use should not be copied to a place where it isn't.
>Never mind - I'll pass the info on to the owner who is thinking of adopting by-nc-sa. Perhaps he will have second thoughts. I've seen opinions that suggest "NC" has problems.
Because if you re-release a work from By-SA to By-NC-SA, you would not
be "sharing alike".   You'd be violating the copyleft to release the work
under a more restrictive license.

It's exactly the same reason  you can't appropriate a copyleft work and
release it under a full proprietary "all rights reserved" license.

Mind you, you can distribute the two works together, as long as they aren't
combined into one work (i.e. they remain separable).


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