[cc-licenses] NonDerivative NonCommercial Licenses

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Tue Mar 28 19:12:39 EST 2006

On Tuesday 28 March 2006 06:56 pm, Greg London wrote:
> and replace it with
> "Linux started out with some political motivations
> of putting Operating Systems companies out of business."
> And if you feel like it, add
> "those motivations grew to include Microsoft,
> but was later redirected to non-political motivations."
> apologies for any confusion I created.

While I agree that GNU started out with the motivation that all software 
should be Free, they clearly had no motivation to put any software company 
out of business. Perhaps to make it so that business as usual was not 
possible any more, but not to do away with the business of software 
completely. I think the original software that led to the GPL was a closed 
printer driver.

The Linux kernel and the GNU stuff found each other after each had started.

IIRC, copyleft GNU software was on sale from very early days.

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