[cc-licenses] How to set properly a license to an offline work?

Jonathon Blake jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 18:26:22 EST 2006

Jack wrote:

>  I have chosen a BY-NC-SA license, and I suppose the following text is what

Do you understand _all_ of the issues invloved with using the NC licence?

Have you read _any_ of the guidelines --- both unofficial,
semi-official, and unofficial -- that have been released/written by
Creative Commons, or people on the various lists?

You are absolutely sure you want to use CC-BY-NC-SA?

[FWIW, I use that licence, and have run into some major issues with
how those guidelines appear to define/interpretate "NonCommercial".  
Issues that I would never have expected to encounter.  (For example, a
non profit organization can sell your material --- without notifying
you of that fact, much less paying you any royalties. (And yes, I am
making the assumption that royalites, for commercial usage --such as
selling prints --- is the reason why you want to go with the NC
licnece.  ) )


Greg Lond's message --- Message-ID 
<59467. at www.greglondon.com>  --- explains
why NC is a bad idea. Whilst I do not agree with his reasoning, his
thesis that as implemented, all of the CC-NC licences are flawed is
correct.  They do not protect what they appear to be protecting.


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