[cc-licenses] Triple licence?

Jonathon Blake jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 22:20:32 EST 2006

Ali wrote:

> If for non profit purpose, and still as long as you provide proper
> attribution:
> If you have commercial purpose, you can only publish derivative work
> under the same licence as this one.»

Do not give different options to "commercial purpose" and "non-profit
purpose".  It will confuse _everybody_ .

a) Can a non-profit theatre company charge an admission fee for people
to see a performance of your material?
b)  If so, does that usage fall under "Non-profit usage' or "commercial usage"?
c) If their usage is non-profit, can they slap a "BY-NC-SA" licence on
their derivation?

>Do I have to use three different licences to do this?

USe one licence.

>And first, do they really express what I want people to do and do not?

I don't think that the three you are describing will have the effect
that you want.

> commercial purpose WITHOUT sharing it alike, which is what I want to prevent.

And that is the major reason why licences should not contain a clause
allowinderivative material to be distributed under a licence other
than the original one.


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