[cc-licenses] Alex Bosworth: "Creative Commons Is Broken"

Stefan Tiedje Stefan-Tiedje at addcom.de
Fri Mar 10 19:12:11 EST 2006

Mia Garlick wrote:
> of course the other solution to this problem as terry indicated would  
> be for the group/shop/company to only use CC licensed music without  
> an NC limitation.

Which might not be in the interest of the potential "end users". If I 
would want to go to a place to find music, I would want this place to 
show me anything be it cc, nc, nd, all rights reserved or whatever. I am 
more concerned about the taste than a licensing model.
Music for example is not exchangable (unless its really uninteristing 
music nobody wants to hear) whereas software with a given purpose is. 
Thats why a GPL with no commercial barriers makes a lot of sense to put 
something up against a market leader. There are marketleaders for 
distributing music, but there are no market leaders for creating music 
(unless its really uninteristing music nobody wants to listen to ;-).

The only problem with nc is: its more complicated. If its all rights 
reserved, the commercial use of music is pretty easy because of the IP 
rights associations like Gema, ASCAP and alike. Its a shame that these 
two can't be combined at the moment. At least the Gema thinks a cc-nc 
license is not compatible with the existing contracts. I'd like to 
combine the two: non commercial use is free, commercial use is payed and 
licensed by the associations, nd means you have to ask before you create 
derivative works.

In the end the nc licenses seems to be much more succesful than the 
others, there must be a reason. And if its just the wish as I mentioned 
If it helps you pay your bills, please help me pay my bills.
Also a gift economy could only work, if this rule is accepted common 
sense, but then its not so different from a commercial thinking, but it 
has less barriers, which is undoubtedly good...



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