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We (the UK) got droit d'artiste this year. It will simply drive art resales to
countries that don't have it (most US states, Switzerland), and enrich a few
lucky descendents of major artists who will of course inherit this "right". It
will probably also act as a useful model for the "content industry" in a few
years time as well.


Musicians don't get payment for resale of their work. They get royalties for
various kinds of copying of their copyrighted work. The people who sweat over
the CD plant or the printing presses don't get royalties when their work is
resold. But (UK) artists can join DACS and get reproduction royalties 
for their


Pay for artists, and payment for artworks, is far too low (unless 
you're Damien
Hirst). But it needs to be improved at source, not offset by trying to hitch a
ride on the art speculation bubble. AN have done some good research on pay for
artists and produced some interesting guidelines (sorry for the long URL).


I fear that adding a pseudo-resale right to a license/contract (much as CC's
attribution term adds a pseudo-attribution right where that right is 
not really
enshrined in law) will simply make the work less desirable and harm the total
revenue the artist gets.

- Rob.

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> Lawrence asked if I would like to lead a discussion on the
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