[cc-licenses] Alex Bosworth: "Creative Commons Is Broken"

Adam Fields cc-licenses345982 at aquick.org
Tue Mar 7 14:55:38 EST 2006

On Tue, Mar 07, 2006 at 02:02:18PM -0600, Terry Hancock wrote:
> IMHO, there is EXACTLY ONE application of an "NC" license: "you want to
> distribute copies of a work freely for preview, but you want to be the
> sole-source for selling it commercially". If you have no plans to do the
> latter, then ShareAlike is your friend, not Non-Commercial.

Or you're not sure if you do, and you want to reserve the right to do
so in the future.

The problem with SA is that it can't be revoked once you put it out

Also, this raised an important distinction in my mind. The different
licenses don't apply to different kinds of work in the same way. Audio
is not the same as video is not the same as photography is not the
same as code, and so on. That fact may make simplifying the license
structure more difficult, but I fear that glossing over it makes the
licenses less precisely match the use cases.

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