[cc-licenses] Proposed Non-Commercial Guidelines

Mike Linksvayer ml at creativecommons.org
Tue Mar 7 11:32:42 EST 2006

Adam Fields wrote:
> Actually - when I first read this, I put together a flowchart to help
> me visualize it. I'm not sure it's entirely correct, but if it helps
> this discussion, it's here:
> http://www.adamfields.com/CC-NC-allowed-uses-flowchart.pdf

I don't know if it is correct (haven't more than glanced at it)
but many thanks for going through the effort to create this.

We have plans to build a wizard/survey that walks users through
NC cases and perhaps ask for feedback on whether the answers
implied are reasonable.  To the extent your flowchart is
accurate you've just built a visual spec for this web app.

Care to CC license it? :)

   Mike Linksvayer

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