[cc-licenses] Proposed Non-Commercial Guidelines

Greg London email at greglondon.com
Tue Mar 7 09:48:18 EST 2006

>For reference, the Proposed Non-Commercial Guidelines are here
> http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/cc-licenses/attachments/20060110/02d7a271/NonCommercialGuidelinesclean-0001.pdf

One thing I noticed is that it appears to be written
in the form of an "expert system" for an end user, a la:


which would pose yes/no questions to the user and
continue down further and further until it hit a point
where it came to a definitive answer.

Question 1 appears to be multiple choice, but then
further reading shows that A,B,C, and D are actually a list
of "allowable NC users". and the way (i) and (ii) (yes/no)
are formatted, they appear to be answers to "D", rather than
then entire question. A simple reformatting will help
resolve any ambiguity. Put the yes/no near the
yes/no question, and then have a note that says
that A-D are examples of allowable NC users.

A. Nature of the User:
     (1) Is the user an “allowable NC user” under
         the noncommercial license condition?

         (i) No. License violation – this is not a noncommercial use.
         (ii) Yes. Continue to Question B.

         "Allowable NC users" include the following:
          (a) Individual
          (b) Nonprofit educational institution/library,
          (c) Nonprofit organization as defined under US1
              or equivalent law, (together with (1)
              and (2) “allowable NC users”)
          (d) A copy shop, ISP or similar service provider
              who, in the course of providing a service
              at the direction of the allowable NC user,
              may exercise a right licensed under the
              Creative Commons license.

(hopefully the spacing didn't get mashed in transit.)

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