[cc-licenses] Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Creative Commons

Jaroslaw Lipszyc jl at creativecommons.pl
Tue Mar 7 05:06:37 EST 2006

rob at robmyers.org wrote:
>>	1.	-	The right to share without limit, at least noncommercially any
>>work licensed with any license from Creative Commons.
>>	2.	-	The right to create unlimited derivative works, at least
>>nonconcommercially of works licensed with any license Creative Commons.

> That is, proceeding from which principles or based on which evidence?

I b elieve this activities should be allowed by law in the first place. 
Why? Because novody owns ideas, and non-commercial uses does not 
interfere with authors right to get paid. Since it's very unlikely, that 
copyroght law will be liberalised soon this seems to be a good set of 
minimal freedoms creative commons should ensure.
Jaroslaw Lipszyc

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