[cc-licenses] Alex Bosworth: "Creative Commons Is Broken"

Adam Fields cc-licenses345982 at aquick.org
Tue Mar 7 00:16:49 EST 2006

On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 06:14:32PM -0500, Greg London wrote:
> THere is also a problem with getting people to contribute
> their time and energy for free when someone else is holding
> the rights to make money off of it. It's a weird sort of
> thing that makes people not want to give to a thing that
> could benefit the original author who is holding back
> comercial rights. Why donate when it will benefit John,
> the guy who did the original work?
> Which also brings up the concern of commercial competion.
> A work licensed NonCommercialOnly could get a gift economy
> around it, but if it becomes successful and gets picked up
> commercially, the original holder can use their commercial
> rights to outrun anything the gift economy did. And then
> all the contributers will think their contribution did nothing
> but make someone else famous and rich and no one read their
> free contribution.

There's a lot of great stuff in your email, and I need some more time
to digest it all.

But I did want to comment on this. What about a license that allows
free NC uses, but also prevents the copyright holder from commercial
use as well? I don't know if it really makes sense, but it seems to me
that releasing something under such a license would be the moral
equivalent of forming a non-profit corp. You're saying - "hey, world,
do what you want, non-commercially, and in exchange for your
contributions, know that no one is ever going to put this to
commercial use, myself included".

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