[cc-licenses] Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Creative Commons

Ŭalabio‽ Walabio at MacOSX.COM
Mon Mar 6 20:53:39 EST 2006


	¿How Fare You?


	In order to create a true creative commons, all users of licenses  
Creative Commons have these two freedoms:

	1.	-	The right to share without limit, at least noncommercially any  
work licensed with any license from Creative Commons.
	2.	-	The right to create unlimited derivative works, at least  
nonconcommercially of works licensed with any license Creative Commons.


	All laws (licenses) starting with version three would have be  
compliant with the constitutional amendment.  The only nonderivative  
license would be CC-BY-ND and it would state quite clearly in the  
license that the ND does not apply to noncommercial use of the work.

	This way we can have a true creative commons of free culture.  Dead  
ends like the current ND-licenses do not allow for reuse, so do  
nothing to enrich the creative commons from which we can build new  
derivative works.

	The organization is called Creative Commons, after all else.








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