[cc-licenses] format-specific search (was Re: Alex Bosworth: "Creative Commons Is Broken")

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Mon Mar 6 20:18:30 EST 2006

On Monday 06 March 2006 07:47 pm, Mike Linksvayer wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-03-06 at 13:55 -0800, Markus Sandy wrote:
> > drew Roberts wrote:
> > >Sometimes I wonder if there is a deliberate attempt to make finding
> > > content by licence and format hard to impossible. (Note, I oftem
> > > imagine conspiracy theories which I then discount.)
> Format-specific search is just harder than text search.  

Sure, I am waiting paitently while still pushing for the features I see as 
important when I can.

I am trying to help ourmedia provide this feature. (I am not making great 
progress, but I still have hopes. I am not sure if the problem is with me or 
with misunderstandings, but I got busy and need to get back to that project.)

> How many years 
> did it take for useful Google image search to appear after they already
> had a great general web search?  Believe me, we're encouraging anyone
> who will listen at the relevant players to add CC features to image and
> other format-specific searches.

I am not generally a boilerplate type guy, but do you guys have any ways you 
would like us to lobby any people for these features?
> > and hard to use ...
> >
> > a case in point: flickr
> >
> > cc search not exactly easy to find
> >
> > and
> >
> > no rss feed or sideshow feature on CC searches as there are with regular
> > tag searches
> FWIW Flickr promises improved CC features this year:
> http://blog.flickr.com/flickrblog/2005/12/creative_common.html

all the best,

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