[cc-licenses] CC User License?

Adam Fields cc-licenses345982 at aquick.org
Mon Mar 6 15:24:13 EST 2006

On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 12:16:52PM -0800, Mia Garlick wrote:
> use of an indemnity clause has been debated & rejected precisely  
> because CC is about encouraging use and reuse of CC licensed content.  
> an indemnity clause such as this would chill downstream use and be  
> anti-user even if it could be practically enforced.

I don't see how an indemnity clause would affect that,
really. Wouldn't the effect there be something along the lines of "you
can do what you want with this, but you take responsibility for
it". Is it reasonable to expect a publisher to be sued for the actions
of someone using their content under the terms of a blanket license?

> also "any and all damages" would include indirect damages which most  
> contracting parties seek to exclude in negotiated contracts.

I'm not clear on the distinction. Can you explain the difference?

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